Mr. Rubber Europe 2018

Wouw what a great weekend - the first time in Antwerpen for Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium. I find no words for such awesome event. Thank you to all organisators representative Jeroen, sponsors and helping hands and of cours all of you, you were there! It was an amazing time together with you all.


Congratulations to the new Misters... Mr. Puppy Europe 2018 Matt Pupper, Mr. Leather Belgium 2018 Bart Verrecas and Mr. Superhero Fetish 2018 Dario Chilly. I wish you all the best and have a great time - we will see us 😀


Mr. Rubber Europe 2018 - eight weeks of preparing this show - a big stone is fallen down. And at the end as winner... I can't believe, but I am really very very happy and deeply thanksful 😂

A huge thank you to Denis Denisov Mr. Rubber Russia 2018, Joy Gen Mr. Rubber Italy 2017 (congratulations for 1st runner), Jrubcub James candidate for UK, JV London Mr. Rubber Spain 2017 (congratulations for 2nd runner) and Sam Ruber Mr. Rubber France 2018 - it was a honor to make this experience together with you all and thank you for this great show with you 😘😍 you all did a amazing presentation, my big respect!


Big thank you to the organisator... in a short time you realised this event and we have again a Mr. Rubber Europe election 😎👍Not all was perfect sure, but we all will learn and going on for the next year. I like to support the committee for that of course.


Also the sponsors thank you for support this event and also me with your prizes - wouw.


But my biggest thank you very very much is for all of you, who supported me on my way and provided confidence... specially the Swiss Rubbermen and The Swiss Gear Heads - the two puppys, who helped me on stage but also those behind the stage 😘😍 and all of you, who voted for me. The contest has finished, let us stay again all together.


Also the jury a big thank you. It was momentous occasion for me to sit around a table with such engaged guys for our community.


And all your congratulations and wishes for me - please forgive me, when I do not answer all personally - what happend here with me, it is huge. Thank you very much at this place. You all give me a lot of energy 🙏🙏🙏 and I am deeply thankful and proud to be one of you 🙏🙏🙏😘😍 My feelings are so huge, I can't still realise...


But please I am Mister for YOU ALL 😃😃😃 I am proud to be a Rubbermen but for a strong community I will try to build bridges everywhere, it is necessairy.

Contact me and please be not shy... my title is for having more possibilities perhaps to support you and not for myself. Let me be together with you all and see Michi and not a titleholder first of all.


I hug you all and hope to see you soon again 😃😘😍

Cheers on YOU

and Rubber - there is never enough 😜😁

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