Michael Gehring

I am born in March, the 20th 1969 and grew up in the region of Basel. All my friends call me Michi... but if you prefer Michael, Mike or Michele - that will be also fine ;-) 


In age of 23 I recognized very late I am gay... and 3 years later I had my coming-out. My love for fetisch, mostly rubber and BDSM  started with my first experiences in the gay world and I knew, yes that it is! But if I have a look back, there were before already faszinations for rubberboots, gloves, rainwear - but I did not accept and did not understand. My really first experience with rubber I had with the cover of the sleeping-bag of the Swiiss Army. I started my experiments till I was very well mummified myself and enjoyed my first "flights" ;O) But then it has to go on fast and I bought my first complet-rubber-suit, gasmasks, rubbergloves and rubberboots ;O) . I enjoy mostly the feeling of to be “inclosed” – so you understand my nickname. I feel safe and embraced or in multilayering like in a cocoon.



I am single today but I was before in two relationsships, both for nine years, based on rubberfetish and BDSM - an intensive time.


My big love is Odin my Bernese mountain dog. He is my fast friend.


2010 I got the first time Reiki and one year later I have been induct. I appreciate Reiki very much and I am very thankful my friends, they attend me. Namaste.

Till my car-accident in 2001, I was standing regulary on stage and was playing theater... that day changed my life basicly.


I got mentally ill, lost my earning of capacity and I was also not able anymore, to leave my flat lonely. In 16 years, I found back now, and I am able again to go on stage lonely and say here I am, like I am...

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