Candidate Mr. International Rubber 23


together we are ONE


diversity is about respect for the differences




Alan Gamrican Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2019, Nico Watson Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2018 and the Rubber Community in San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area Rubber and Rubber Men of San Francisco,


Thank you very much for the very great support from you - Namaste. Your gift for me with the airline tickets for MIR in Chicago, I am speechless and deeply touched about these great compliments, encouragement and financial help from you. Only because you want to see me on this year's MIR stage, amazing. I confess that I would not have been able to do it without your help. It is my great honour and joy! And I am especially looking forward to a visit in your circles - now I will do everything I can to come to San Francisco, I promise!


With a hearty rubber hug