Why do I want to become Mr. Rubber Europe 2018?

I am positively surprised about the experience as Mr. Rubber Switzerland and what I can effect with this function. And I am confident, I am able to effect similar things also as Mister Rubber Europe 2018, because I understand me as someone, who could build bridges…


A bridge inside the rubber community between the well-known rubber style and the heavy and industrial style. But also with other fetishes… also here my focus is on Puppy, because I see there our "new blood". But I think we should come more together in tolerance generally: on one side we have the old strict rules and regulations in the fetish and Mister scene based on the leather culture, the fetish scene has grown up. But also on the other side the new spirit and passion we see in our rubber community, but also with the growing Puppy-scene even. That is different and not all are happy. But we have to work and have fun together for a strong fetish community. And I am motivated for that.


I am really thankfull, that in my own country we found together again between the german and french fetish community. I am a little bit proud, that I found those contacts, and we were able to start with talking and discussing at the same table till then having fun and party again together with the goal going on working together and supporting each other. And that I am motivated to do also here in Europe between our clubs.  


I like to support also our umbrella organisations ILF and ECMC and sure bringing back Switzerland into this community since we lost Loge70.


I know a lot of guys except something different as project. Sorry I disappoint you. But we have a lot of projects still running in each country and also have a look these one's, the other candidats are presenting too. I am sure, they will follow their projects neither they would be not Mister Rubber Europe 2018.


But I am sure, we need to come more closed and support each other in Europe between the several Rubbermen-groups. We should engage for this we have, and get it bigger and established. But also we have to go on to engage for our common interests, for example going on with this new way of european election. And even there is a project in a country, who grows up to an european importance, to support that one as Mister Rubber Europe. And believe me, for that I am very motivated to do that!


And last but not least I would be happy and do my best for to be the face of the proud rubber community here in Europe for more accepting but also contact in public.


#rubb4me - I love you all :-))