Mr. Rubber Switzerland 2017

On June the 10th of 2017 I was elected Mr. Rubber Switzerland 2017 from the public and international jury at Gay Pride Zürich. It is an honorary office to represent the Swiss Rubber Community, give them a face and serve as contact person. I personally combine with this task the motto “be yourself” and “stand by yourself”. My aim is to give courage to others like I take courage every day…

It was not only a step by the way for me on the stage for my election – it really meant more for me! 16 years ago after an accident I was not able to leave my flat alone. No more playing theatre. I got mentally ill and my life changed basicly. I lost my earning capacity.

Reiki assists me on my way. BDSM means a lot to me that is the reason why I wear my collar open and express pride in wearing it.

Yes, I am a GearHead! I love rubber, heavy rubber, but I am into other fetishes like leather and worker-clothes aswell. 

Everybody should know, everybody shoul recognize it. I would like to reassure others to stand by themselves and the chance  of taking the next step – like I did my first step again on the stage.

As Mr. Rubber Switzerland 2017 I like to be a synonym of wearing rubber-outfits self-confident, joyful and self-evident in the public and to feel us comfortable. Yes with my heavy, industrial rubber style I give a face to a special group of our big rubber-family, but I am standing for ALL of us, who love rubber in any kind of style.

It also concernes to me and so I will take the matter up with you all, who have no good mental health, if you are afraid of something, maybe if you are ashamed of something: my step shall reassure, to trust in someone, to accept someone’s help, and last not least to find yourself and to stand by yourself. I became involved for respectful and heedful intercourse with all relevant people and to integrate them into  the society.