Mister Wahlen 2020 - die Jury


Jury-Präsident:                                 Michael Gehring


Mitglieder Jury:                                Oliver Butcherei Lindinger

                                                         Claudio rubngum Blackstore und Rebellion

                                                         Alain Kawii (Puppy Switzerland 2018)

                                                         Joshua Pup~Thaly – (Puppy Germany 2019)

                                                         Fabien (Mr. Leather Switzerland 2018)

                                                         Krizly Int. Mr. Bootblack 2019

                                                         Dries (Mr. Rubber Europe 2019)

                                                         Adrian (Swiss Rubbermen)


Tally Master:                                    Bill

                                                        Sven (Benji) Assistent


Beobachter:                                     OrEo Xetal Mr. Puppy France 2019

                                                         Stefan Mr. Bavarian Leather 2019

                                                         Torsten Mr. Leather Hessen 2019


                                                         Sr. Greta

                                                          Sr. Vesta

Einige Jury Mitglieder melden sich zu Wort:

PuppyGermany2019 - Pup~Thaly


Age: 34

Puppy-Age: 1,5

Home: Cologne

Fetish: Crossover-Fetish (Rubber/Neoprene/Lycra/Sportswear...)


I am Pup~Thaly and I am actually PuppyGermany2019. I live in Cologne in Germany and I enjoyed a wonderful prideseason this year. I visited many different Prides all over Germany for staying in contact with the wonderful fetish- and puppycommunity of Europe. I got to know to many Mr.‘s and Miss‘s of the WorldCommunity, but the friendship to our neighbors in Switzerland is and will every time be very important for me and so it is an honor to be a part of the Jury of Gear Point. 


Woof! Woof!



Ich bin Pup~Thaly und noch ziemlich frisch PuppyGermany2019. Ich lebe in Köln und habe von dort aus ganz viele unterschiedliche CSD‘s in Deutschland besucht, um im Kontakt mit der Fetisch- und PuppyCommunity zu bleiben. Ich habe währenddessen echt viele Mister und Misses‘s der Welt kennenlernen dürfen, aber die Freundschaft zu unseren Nachbarn in dr Schweiz ist und bleibt für mich sehr sehr wichtig und deshalb ist es für mich eine ganz besondere Ehre in der Jury für GearPoint zu sein. 


Danke! Woof!

Euer Thaly 



Fabien - Mr. Leather Switzerland 2019


 My name is Fabien Sulmoni, I'm 27 years old and a proud hard of hearing leatherman from Lutry in Switzerland. 


I started to collect and wear my first pieces of leather gear at the age of 19 or 20 years old. 

I've always been attracted to leather, so wearing it felt quite natural to me!

When I was 25 years old, I participated and won the Mr. Leather Switzerland 2018 election. It is one of my most memorable days ! 

After that, I traveled quite a lot around the world, participated in different fetish- and leather events, being a judge or Tally Master at elections.

It was a great time, although it could be quite stressing, time-consuming and bank-breaking too 😉


But all of this was worth it because it finally led me to participate in the International Mister Leather contest where I could proudly stand for my country and my club. And even though I didn't win the title, I won a lot of precious friendships !


Not all contest/events I went to were leather orientated. I got a warm welcome and felt included to go to the events organised by rubbermen and puppies too, which was quite relaxing !


My main goal now, even after my step down, is to be able to work with the fetish community and help it to come together !

I would especially love to create/organize an event or social for hard of hearing/deaf people.


And also....I want to relax, and see my title-son work his ass off! 😉




Statement :


It's a great honor to be a judge for the Mr. Switzerland elections. I'm judging because I want to see and give my opinion on who will represent us the best.


It concerns of course my successors, Mr. Leather Switzerland, but as I'm really open-minded to other fetishes too, I will be also very happy to choose (my) the next (slaves) ; Mr. Rubber and Puppy Switzerland !


And, accessory, I'm judge because my Boss, Michael, begged me to do so 😋

Kris - Kriszly de Hond

International Mister Bootblack 2019


Kriszly de Hond is a 25 year old Bratty Dog from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


He won his first title in 2015, where he became the first Mister Puppy Europe.

During his title year, Kriszly fought to create safe spaces for pups (and handlers) to play and explore their own identity.


Together with his pup brother Milo and Milo’s handler Sir Daniël he started the puppy social Bark&Play, and is the proud producer of the Dutch Puppy Contest.


As a loyal Service Dog and bootblack, Kriszly is often found on his knees, working his paws all over big, black boots, leather jeans and one of his favorites; a leather puppy hood!


When Kriszly isn’t bootblacking, you can find him showing people around in Amsterdam, getting himself into trouble, organizing fetish events or at his favorite place; in the middle of a group cigar smoking leathermen..


Last May, Kriszly became the first European to bring the International Mister Bootblack title to Europe.

His goal for the coming years is to provide the same safe spaces for bootblacks in Europe as he did for our puppy community!




The reason why I want to judge for the Mr. Elections 2020 is because I feel that bootblack can use more representation in our community. 

They keep our events playful and the gear shiny! 


GearPoint and TSGH worked hard for this election, and I'm honored to be asked to be part of this amazing team of beautiful people.


Adrian - Swiss Rubbermen


Ever since my youth, the feeling of black-shiny rubber has brought about the most intense erotic feeling. That's why Steve and I, helped bring the Rubber community together in Switzerland five years ago. We now organise  regular meetings across Switzerland from our ‘home’ base in Zurich.