Of course we at GearPoint are also happy to welcome new members...


from the articles of the constitution:


Purpose of the GearPoint Association


The association aims to promote the diverse fetish community by organizing and conducting appropriate meetings, parties and other events for fetish lovers and their friends. The objective of the association is not to generate profit. Any income that is raised will be reinvested in future projects or used for the financial support of social projects or non-profit associations and institutions.


The association is politically neutral and open to members of all sexes, denominations and nationalities. The minimum age is 18 years (majority).


So that you can see the complete statutes, please send us an e-mail: gearpointch[at]


An active membership costs CHF 100 per calendar year. For a corresponding registration use the Google form:

A passive membership costs CHF 20 per calendar year or more on a voluntary basis ;-). For an appropriate registration use the Google form: